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L.OS MarketplaceL.OS Marketplace
Making transportation


A global digital service platform for logistics fleets management.


An all-in-one, cloud based & end-to-end service platform for logistics fleets, with a mission of providing seamless access to digital services globally

Serves as an integrated backbone that binds disparate fleets, transportation warehouses, and other solutions together, along with delivering new and existing services to its customers through a marketplace

Bosch L.OS aims to transform the transportation and logistics industry into a digital and data-driven future state.


Bringing data, services, and business processes into a digital marketplace.
Icon implies End-to-end integration across different solutions

End-to-end integration across different solutions

Icon implies storing data in a designated place

Stores data in a designated place - federated data lake

Icon implies a market hub consisting of services across the entire value chain

A market hub consisting of services across the entire value chain

Icon implies A single UI that caters to all players, partners and solutions

A single UI that caters to all players, partners and solutions


Simplifies the process of logistics for all management sectors from start to finish


Streamlines all operations along with providing actionable insights that help consumers make better and efficient decisions
unified experience
intelligent recommendation
one-stop marketplace
unified experience
Bosch logistics software actionable insights
Bosch L.OS


Boost your businesses by utilising the many advantages of L.OS

Leverage a global ecosystem with various pre-integrated digital fleet management solutions all at the same place.

The pre-integrated digital services save you from your cost and time investments

Gets the best out of vehicle data and IT systems by intelligently bridging the gap between data and services.

Apart from overlooking the whole procedure of vehicle ordering to re-marketing, L. OS also plays the role of a storage system, keeping the entire data information in one dashboard.

Keeps the harmful effects of commercial fleets in check by providing digital climate- friendly solutions.

Be a part of a global ecosystem by getting unified logistical solutions digitally, all under one marketplace.

Lower the search costs, eliminate time and capital-intensive IT investments with plug and play solutions. You can also get it on a monthly or yearly subscription basis.

Get a strong hold of your logistic business processes from transport to delivery, along with enabling data and operational transparency for better billing operations.

It also helps you store all information in a single, safe database.

Reduce carbon footprint and the usage of unnecessary resources by efficiently managing fleet operations.

Enjoy a smooth and pragmatic onboarding process and take advantage of our first joint GTM activities.

Comprehensively reduces acquisition and awareness costs by enabling large-scale automation, while offering multiple opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell.

Shape a future of endless, logistical possibilities for the new markets and your customer segments.

Welcome them to a world of digitally driven logistics services that offers a first-hand experience of a global marketplace setting.

Gain access to market developing funds and be an active member of the partner advisory board.

Be an innovator of new digital services for logistics management with the help of 3rd or your own party data.

Join us in building a global logistics ecosystem by sharing your solutions


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We are always here to answer them. Some frequent ones being...

L.OS is a global digital service platform focusing on the horizontal integration of cross manufacturer-vendor data and services. It enables a friction-less user experience for all logistics and fleet management processes, independent of all underlying systems and services present.

L.OS proves beneficial to Logistics service providers and commercial fleet owners of all sizes. Apart from them, the software suppliers can leverage the many advantages and digital solutions that L.OS provides.

L.OS is welcoming to all customers who wish to run a pilot project, irrespective of the range of their requirements and needs.

Contact us and give your business management and operations a better future.

L.OS puts forth a 6-step process which ensures your onboarding process to be smooth, along with reaching the market on time.

  1. Joint evaluation of the right digital services reaching you from our platform
  2. Prepare and sign partner agreement(s)
  3. Provides listing within the marketplace
  4. GTM activities fetching you traction on your offerings
  5. Integrate and pilot your services
  6. Scale businesses within and outside your customer base

L.OS aims to be a platform that assists the logistics industry through consolidated digital solutions globally. It's services would available in Europe, India, and the United States of America to begin with.

A preliminary version of the L.OS platform was presented at Hannover Messe in May, June of 2022. It is set for a late 2022 launch in India and 2023 in Europe and US.


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We make a difference

With L.OS Bosch aims to build the world's most trusted service platform for a sustainable logistics ecosystem improving lives and health of our planet. L.OS brings together transportation and logistics companies of all sizes as well as software suppliers to create a unified experience and to enable them to manage continuously increasing transport volumes for goods and commodities while simultaneously reducing the carbon footprint of the logistics sector.

This is made possible through a strategic collaboration between Bosch and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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